About Us

iStock_000019153014_SmallMission Statement

Our mission at American Senior Advisors is to work closely with seniors and their families to ensure that you reach the best solution for your given situation.  We’re singularly focused on helping to improve the quality of life of seniors in our community by delivering the highest degree of customer attention and service to every one of our clients.  We know, in a very personal way, that staying in your home, close to your memories and in a familiar neighborhood, are very important to you and that you are making important and deeply personal decisions.  We promise that we will assist you in a caring and professional manner, that we will work diligently, and always place the interest of our seniors first.

Our Service Pledge…

American Senior Advisors are mindful that the soundness, usefulness, prosperity and future of our industry depend upon their honor and integrity, and on the manner in which they interact with each other and with the seniors whose interest they serve.  Accordingly, each loan advisor agrees to observe and maintain and adhere to the following Values.


American Senior Advisors shall treat consumers with respect and dignity, and in a manner that is fair, reasonable and as they would want to be treated.


American Senior Advisors shall act with integrity, adhering both to the letter and the spirit of this Code of Ethics, and appropriately and timely


American Senior Advisors shall provide services to consumers in a competent manner, acquiring and maintaining necessary and appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to do so, and referring consumers to others with such knowledge, skills and experience when they are unable to do so.


American Senior Advisors shall provide services to consumers with diligence and due care, promptly, thoughtfully, in a manner considerate of the interest of consumers and fully in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


American Senior Advisors’ conduct shall reflect positively on the profession and the industry.

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