iStock_000010937312_Small“Saving Grandma’s Home”

When my grandfather died, My 84 year old grandmother was left to fend for herself. My grandfather took care of everything, he was her partner of 41 years and her provider. When he died, she was left to pay all the bills on her own. Unfortunately, upon his death, she lost his social security income of $760 monthly. This meant that my grandma did not have enough money to pay her mortgage. After just 4 months the house that they called home for half their lifetime, went into foreclosure and my poor grandmother was about to be left homeless. Then we met with Mr. Campos from American Senior, and after just 4 weeks, we were able to pay off the house plus get $17,000 back for home improvements. If not for American Senior, my grandmother would have lost her house were we all grew up. My grandmother has her home today thanks to American Senior Advisors.

- Hazel G. Homestead, Florida

iStock_000005159234_Small“The Reverse Mortgage Saved My Life”

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in the summer of 2009… within a short time, we owed almost everything. For two people living on barely minimum wage and social security, and paying a mortgage, it was becoming too much. Not only did I not have healthcare, but I could not afford an in home nurse to take care of me as my disease progressed. My wife and I thought that my only solution was for her to quit her job at the post office to stay home and take care of me. The only way we thought this was feasible was by paying off our $75,000 mortgage. With this in mind I went to my local bank that I trusted, where I did my daily banking for over 27 years. I applied for a reverse mortgage and was charged $525 for appraisal and counseling fees. I thought that my problems were solved, however two weeks later, I received a call from the bank informing me that my house did not appraise enough and to do the loan, I would have to bring $11,000 to closing. I told them, “if I had this money today, I would not need the loan.” I cancelled the loan and the young man from my trusted bank politely said, “the money you gave the bank went to pay for fees and it was non-refundable.” Needless to say, I was outraged! A few months later, I met with Ozzie Campos with American Senior Advisors and he agreed to pay for my appraisal and try the reverse mortgage again. After my experience with my bank I was extremely skeptical, but I figured, I had nothing to lose sine he offered to pay for my appraisal up front. Days later to my amazement, the loan was approved and we closed 3 weeks after our first meeting. Not only did he pay off my mortgage, I received a check for $ 47,000. My wife and I were so grateful and appreciative that she did something she has not done since our children moved out, baked a homemade cake! In appreciation she personally took it to their office. Thank you, American Senior.

- Mr. & Mrs. Alvarez Miami, Florida

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